orthopedic walkers

orthopedic walkers


Orthopedic walkers systems that we provide are an effective means to give the patient the opportunity of a quick and comfortable recovery. The Orthopedic walkers systems offer the security and comfort needed for proper physical development. The necessities for new products for the improvement of people with disabilities require us to work tirelessly to provide the needed technological development in the field of orthopedic walkers.

"LOS PINOS", is a Colombian Industry founded in 1957 which is the leader in the development, production and commercialization of medical equipment used in hospitals, medical centers and for rehabilitation. "LOS PINOS" offers products of high quality for hospitals, health centers, health professionals and distributors.

We guide human talent, material resources and technicians to provide appropriate solutions for each necessity.

The demands of providing excellent service and a bigger functionality in medical care represents a day to day challenge that must be overcome by "LOS PINOS". Thus in order to keep the quality of our products high and keep abreast of the latest technological developments we realize that change is the only constant. Hence we have the capacity of developing any type of element when referring to hospital medical products.

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