Our passion is to contribute patients care and rehab by providing quality hospital products and medical equipment guaranteeing comfort and an easy operation by patient and care giver.

We are leaders in pre-post sale service in all our products line for each one of the sales channels. We´re available to deliver you with the best product and the best service.

We promote technology on the health care area to provide an easier life, developing concepts to carry wellness and life quality to our users and clients just as we dream day by day.

We transform and build with the strong determination of create shared value and progress to a company, a city and a country.

The business model and directives get the best benefits thanks to the initiatives of a human team full of talent and commitment that dream with expansion and improvement.

Beyond of each business and each investment around a continuous improvement there are more reasons that push us to be a transformation engine and keep being a quality and excellence model in the making of medical equipment in the health area.

With our advising services we transform user and hospital needs in products that help to solve different patients and medical crew´s situations, this product applications last through generations, reinforcing our principles and values.